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Updated on: 7.9.2014



The two years project is over on 30th September 2014 - are we able to prepare next one?

See a new website Final report.


Report of co-ordinator´s meeting in Klaipeda with last tasks:
Coordinator´s meeting in Klaipeda_MMR.docx (355622)



We are preparing the last meeting in Klaipeda, Lithuania, June 3th to 7th



Dear collegues and friends,
we will have this preliminary agenda of Coordinator´s meeting:

1. Overview - what has happend from last meeting
2. Overview of preparation of Final products of project MIL
3. Preparation of Photo exhibition in Klaipeda
4. Project website
5. Programme for last TNM in Klaipeda
6. Final project report - first info (continuation will be in Klaipeda)
7. Different

Do you have any idea, what more should we add?



October 30th: we finished 4.TNM, see the website News and Reports.



August 15th, 2013:

3.TNM, Norrköping, Sweden: I am waiting still for news and photos from partners...


May 17th, 2013:
See the News and Reports site and Photogallery with some informations about meeting in Brno!!


Start site

This Grundtvig project has been funded with support from the European Commission. The overall responsibility lies with the editorial content of the project and in no way reflects the opinion of the European Commission.


According to the European Commission, solidarity and the creation of links between younger and older generations should not be seen in strict financial terms. The Commission recommends placing equal importance on the promotion of mutual cooperation and interchanges between the generations, as well as better understanding and new forms of coexistence.
In our project we would like to prepare and learn some activities and methods of education for better inter-generational solidarity  and involvement of older generation in active citizenship and active ageing.
Partnership consists from 6 non-profit organizations, all are working with socially disadvantaged groups: older people,  families with handicapped child, people with disabilities, large families, migrants. Disabilities, elderly, different generations are connection for our partnership. Every organization will tailor the activities according the community, learners with aim promote activities for better understanding between generations and  contribute to the strengthening of solidarity between generations in the national parts of project in our Partnership. In the transnational part of the project we would like to  learn more activities for improving of inter-generational solidarity and methods of education for better inter-generational solidarity  and involvement of older generation in active citizenship and active ageing. Involvement of younger generations has the same importance for strengthening of solidarity and comprehension in the families, communities, society.  Exchange of experience is the most important part of this process. Preparation of local exhibitions of photographs and the best stories from the inter-generational projects and publication of e-brochure will be products of this project.


August 10,2012


We start our common project Mutual Inter-generational Learning MIL.

All partners are approved.